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Lathe Machining Videos

This lathe turns down a peice of steel. The tool moves in the groove of the shaft down and up as the crank shaft turns. Pretty sweet.

Gang-Tool Type Lathe, this is different than your regular tool turret. The tools move up and down instead of the rotating tool turret. Fast rapids too.

Another Gang-Tool Type Lathe, nice machine.

This one looks like a gang type setup, although...

An interesting brass part turned and uses live-tooling, ends up looking like a door knob.

Its a big piece of metal, but I've seen bigger. The lathe is pretty big too, its a manual lathe.

Machining a chess piece with a lathe.

Very Automated Okuma - this lathe picks up parts and chucks them, then puts them back in the storage place, it doesn't even need an operator!

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