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How to make a fly fishing leader?

Don't you hate it when you need to know how to do something and all you can find is some long article you have to read through to try to pick out some basic info on how to do it?
I'm going to try to get some videos on the subject, cause that's the best way to learn, so to actually see someone do it. Then doing it yourself makes it stick.

Hooks, leaders, and the loop-to-loop connection. Explanation of hook sizes, types of leaders, and how to make a knotless loop-to-loop connection for those who have trouble tying knots.

The perfection loop. How to tie a knot to make a loop at the end of your leader in order to make a loop-to-loop connection with your fly line.

Twisted Leader fishing knot used to tie Mono to Gelspun/Braid.

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