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How To Become a Fly Fishing Guide?

To become a fly fishing guide requires that you are an proficient in fly fishing. You must be beyond the level of needing to learn skills, and have your skills honed with years of experience. This will enable you to show people the best fishing spots for certain types of fish at the right times.


If you don't know enough about it, but still want to pursue this as a career, find a guide mentor. Seek out a local guide and seek out employment, even at low pay. Learn all you can about the business and fly fishing. If he's not seeking a paid employee situation, then offer to shadow him. You can be a help to him, and learn. After all, at this stage you're trying to get started, the money comes down the road. If your mentor has a large group you may be able to help him. And once you have some experience, he may hire you for larger groups.

Start Small

If you know your stuff and want to pursue this career, you can start small. Many resort lodges and camp grounds have fly fishing guides. You could seek employment with them, or even on a sub-contract arrangement. If they don't have a fly fishing guide, you could leave them your contact information to pass on to anyone who is interested.

You can also advertise your services with the local fish and wildlife office, by getting your name printed in the regulations booklet for the year.

You can talk to your local fishing shop as well, asking if you can put up a posting offering your services. Ask the store owner if you could have some business cards on a little card stand by the till.

Talk to other fly fishing guides. They may refer clients to you that are out of their area, or if they are too busy.

Start a website with your contact information and pictures, make sure and include your area so when people are searching for a "fly fishing guide in my city or area" you will be found.

You will also need the proper licence if applicable and insurance. You may need some safety training as well. You want to be protected from liability issues.


Or, you could always go to school to learn it.

Hubbard's Guide Academy has a course for becoming a fly fishing guide, you could check that out, its in Montana. It costs $1900 for seven nights and size days of instruction.

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