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Nokia 3595

There is something to be said about the older generation of cell phones, that were more expensive a little more bulky, less features, but more reliable. Not everyone needs a keyboard for texting, or a fancy screen to play videos, or mp3 player capability. A lot of people only use the phone feature. While these other gadgets sound nice, they are totally useless to a lot of cell phone users.

That's why I like the Nokia 3595, its a robust phone. I have the razr, but I hate it. I have had such bad experience with it, I sent it in for service twice during the warrenty period, for the same thing. The ear speaker had distortion, the first time it was fixed for a short time before the same thing happened again. The next time I don't think it worked well at all. Then the reception in my place is usually nonexistent or maybe a weak signal. With my 3595 though, I get a nice strong signal. The ear speaker is nice and loud with clear sound. I would rather have a little bigger older phone with less features, than some new fancy shmancy thin phone built with the cheapest parts on the market so they can give it away on a contract.

Here are the specs:

NOKIA Model: 3595
Type: NPM-10
Modes: GSM 850 / GSM 1900
Weight: 3.77 oz (107 g)
Dimensions: 4.6" x 1.9" x 0.9" (118mm x 50mm x 22mm)
Battery: (1000 mAh LiIon)
  • Talk time: 5.5 hours max. (330 minutes)
  • Standby: 240 hours max. (10 days)
Display type: LCD (Color)
Resolution: 96 x 65 pixels
Colors: 4096 (12-bit)
Phone Book Capacity: 500 max. (shared memory)

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