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Misc Email Forwards

If you have one that you would like to share with the world, please forward it to me at info@webportalnet.com and I might post it on this site.
Feel free to download any of them and forward them to your hearts content.

Stuff that might fit into another category, but maybe not. Go up one in the directory to view the other categories.

Preikestolen - the Pulpit Rock (powerpoint) - This amazing high and scary place would take your breath away, what a view.

The Rebirth of the Eagle (powerpoint) - The Eagle must be reborn to live another life, very interesting.

The Barn (powerpoint) - Someone bought a property with this old barn on it, and found an unexpected suprise inside.

Pictures of Dubai (pics) - Yet another Dubai forward.

From Bush To Obama (pic) - A smooth transition?

Awesome Paint Job (pics) - Our Canadian boys did an awesome paint job on this chopper.

Stuffed Dog (pic) - Stuffed dog fools drivers.

Train in China (video) - Trains in China are CRAZY, waaayyy too many people. Can you imagine the BO in that place?

God's Glue (text & pic) - DNA is amazing, and God is the designer.

Coffee Art (text & pics) - Apparently this resturant in Vancouver dresses up your coffe for you, very nice work.

Redneck Weiner Roasting (pic) - Admit it, you'd have never thought of it (or if you did, you'd have never admitted it :)

Alaska Tag Game (pics) - Playing tag with a polar bear is not advised.

Sending You Flowers (pics & text) - Valintines day forward with 7 bouquets of flowers.

Canadian Ingenuity (video) - Police technology tracks cars.

When Helmets Make No Sense (pics) - Various pics, mountain bikers, and cute baby pics.

Women Drivers (pics) - 2006 Woman Driver award email.

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