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Interesting Email Forwards

If you have one that you would like to share with the world, please forward it to me at info@webportalnet.com and I might post it on this site.
Feel free to download any of them and forward them to your hearts content.

Optical illusions, facts, brain teasers, neat stuff to forward to your friends!

Brain Teasers (pics & text) - Neat brain teasers to get you thinking.

Plane Landing in the Hudson River (powerpoint) - Lots of nice pictures and information about the event.

Preikestolen - the Pulpit Rock (powerpoint) - This amazing high and scary place would take your breath away, what a view.

The Rebirth of the Eagle (powerpoint) - The Eagle must be reborn to live another life, very interesting.

The Barn (powerpoint) - Someone bought a property with this old barn on it, and found an unexpected suprise inside.

The Beauty of Mathmatics (powerpoint) - The symmetry in math is amazing, God's design is perfect.

Warren Buffet (powerpoint) - An interesting and inspiring one about Warren Buffet, one of the richest men in the world.

Hudson Crash (video, computer animation) - Computer Animation of the takeoff and crash in the Hudson River..

From Bush To Obama (pic) - A smooth transition?

Awesome Paint Job (pics) - Our Canadian boys did an awesome paint job on this chopper.

One Smart Dog (video) - Very obedient dog.

Faith the Under Dog (pics & text) - A dog with umputated front legs walks upright.

God's Glue (text & pic) - DNA is amazing, and God is the designer.

Melting Glacier (video) - Nice music, and footage of a glacier melting with huge splashes into the water.

Redneck Weiner Roasting (pic) - Admit it, you'd have never thought of it (or if you did, you'd have never admitted it :) (Ok, not overly interesting, but your redneck friends might like it!)

Water Wheel (powerpoint) - An amazing example of scottish engineering.

Truck and Train Accident (pics) - Man from Saskatchewan totals his truck with a train, but survives with minor scratches, friend crawls out back window before truck starts to burn.

Alberta Truckers (pics) - Trucker falls alseep at the wheel of a semi truck and totals 3 brand new pick ups.

Elk and Buffalo Fight (video) - Unusual.

Truck Crash (pics) - Wow, one lucky guy.

Albino Moose (pics) - White moose, interesting.

Finnegan the Squirel (pics & text) - Something we can all learn from.

Best Kept Auto Secret (text & pics) - This little known fact might help you avoid pulling up to the pump with the wrong side of your car!

Daughter borrows car (pics & text) - Daddy, can I borrow your car? Unreal!!.

Interesting Stuff (text) - Facts and the old "You know you're living in 2009 when..." nice.

When Helmets Make No Sense (pics) - Mountain bikers, on a REAL mountain... :S

Canadian Ingenuity (video) - Police technology tracks cars.

Pictures of Dubai (pics) - Yet another Dubai forward.

Glacier Crashes down on tourists (video) - Don't go past the bars!.

Why Insurance Costs More (video) - 4 videos of helicopter crashes and a plane landing.

Castles of the World (powerpoint) - Castles of the World, nice music and beautiful pictures.

An Albino Black Bear Cub (pics) - I didn't know they made those...

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