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Funny Email Forwards

If you have one that you would like to share with the world, please forward it to me at info@webportalnet.com and I might post it on this site.
Feel free to download any of them and forward them to your hearts content.
Hilarious, funny forwards to get a laugh out of your friends!
free funny email forwards

Bird for Christmas Dinner (video) - This guy sends his father an expensive bird from South America, very funny.

Signs of a Bad Day (pics) - Funny cute animal pictures, signs of a bad day.

You're Always On My Mind (powerpoint) - When you're feeling lonely, like no one cares... (for Canadians)

Coffee Inhaler (pic) - Newest product for coffee lovers.

Doctors Orders (pics) - Follow these simple steps for a simpler life - funny animal pics.

Stuffed Dog (pic) - Stuffed dog fools drivers.

Dogs Attack Gator in Florida (pic & text) - Scary stuff ;) (funny).

Dog Going Down Slide (video) - This dog sliding down a slide into the pool over and over, looks fun.

Funny 911 Calls (video) - Funny 911 calls, and stuff.

Funny Pics (pics) - When you think you've seen it all.

The Latest Scam (pic) - A seagull steals money from this lady's purse.

Hands Free Cell Law (pic & text) - A new law that will affect us all.

Obedient dog (pic) - This dog is very well trained.

Optical Illusion (pic) - A funny pic of a giraffe.

Patience and Wisdom (pics) - Funny dog pic we can learn from.

Alaska Tag Game (pics) - Playing tag with a polar bear is not advised.

Rain Pic and Kids in Church (pics & text) - A rain picture and funny quotes of kids in church.

Redneck Weiner Roasting (pic) - Admit it, you'd have never thought of it (or if you did, you'd have never admitted it :)

Safety Pictures (pics) - I can't beleive people actually do this kind of stuff! How unsafe.

Seagull Thief (pic) - This seagull walks into a store and steals a bag of munchies, funny.

One Smart Dog (video) - Very obedient dog.

Silly Dog Photos (pics) - If you like dogs, you'll love these pictures.

Smiles (pics) - Funny animal pictures.

Sunblock Remedy (pic) - Funny cartoon joke.

Various Funny Pics - Various Funny Pics.

When I grow up... (pics) - What do you want to be when you grow up?.

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