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Email Forward Categories

If you're looking for a specific category of forwards, see below:

If you have one that you would like to share with the world, please forward it to me at info@webportalnet.com and I might post it on this site.
Feel free to download funny forwards for email, and forward them to your friends to your hearts content.

Christian - If you have Christian friends, or like forwards about God.

Dogs - Forwards about dogs, for dog lovers.

Cats - Forwards to do with cats.

Animals - Forwards for pet lovers, or animal lovers.

Cute - Animals and Children.

Interesting - Brain teasers, facts, optical illusions, etc.

Inspirational - Deep thoughts, stuff that makes you think, or appreciate life.

Coffee - Forwards for coffee lovers.

Funny - Funny stuff.

Children - Forwards with pictures of children, kids and babies.

Crashes - Train, truck, and car crashes.

Safety - Safety pictures, or not so safe...

Misc - Stuff that doesn't fit in the other categories.

Free Forwards - Yes, that's right, not a dime spent here!

New forwards - Hopefully ones you or your friends haven't seen before.

Best - That is personal preference of course, but these are the best I've seen, you can check back for the latest ones as I receive them as well.

New and Funny - New forwards are great, especially when you've seen them all...

Fun - Fun email forwards, fun to read, and to send!

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