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Crash Email Forwards

If you have one that you would like to share with the world, please forward it to me at info@webportalnet.com and I might post it on this site.
Feel free to download any of them and forward them to your hearts content.

Amazing survivors, truck, air, and auto crashes.

Alberta Truckers (pics) - Trucker falls alseep at the wheel of a semi truck and totals 3 brand new pick ups.

Daughter borrows car (pics & text) - Daddy, can I borrow your car? Unreal!!.

Truck and Train Accident (pics) - Man from Saskatchewan totals his truck with a train, but survives with minor scratches, friend crawls out back window before truck starts to burn.

Truck Crash (pics) - Wow, one lucky guy.

Why Insurance Costs More (video) - 4 videos of helicopter crashes and a plane landing.

Women Drivers (pics) - 2006 Woman Driver award email.

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