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Animal Email Forwards

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If you have one that you would like to share with the world, please forward it to me at info@webportalnet.com and I might post it on this site.
Feel free to download any of them and forward them to your hearts content.

Cats, dogs, peer, moose, polar bears, black bears, albino bears, albino moose, seagull, birds, whales! Check them out!

Bird for Christmas Dinner (video) - This guy sends his father an expensive bird from South America, very funny.

Dog Mothers Kittens (video) - An extrodinary dog mom mothers kittens.

Seagull Thief (pic) - This seagull walks into a store and steals a bag of munchies, funny.

The Rebirth of the Eagle (powerpoint) - The Eagle must be reborn to live another life, very interesting.

Kids and Pets (pics) - lots of funny pics of kids with pets.

Rescuers rescue a whale (text & pics) - Inspirational.

Silly Dog Photos (pics) - If you like dogs, you'll love these pictures.

Hero Dog (vid) - This dog is a hero, he rescues his friend in the middle of traffic.

Spring is Close in North Dakota (pic) - You have to feel for the deer.

A Deer came home for Dinner (pic) - Watch that doggy door!.

Doctors Orders (pics) - Follow these simple steps for a simpler life - funny animal pics.

Picture of the Year (pic & text) - This dog prays by the bedside with a little boy, very cute..

Stuffed Dog (pic) - Stuffed dog fools drivers.

Pet Deer (pics) - This nice couple and their dog befriend a deer.

One Smart Dog (video) - Very obedient dog.

Faith the Under Dog (pics & text) - A dog with umputated front legs walks upright.

Obedient dog (pic) - This dog is very well trained.

Deer Playing With Dog (video) - Deer Playing with dog after eating in someone's garden.

Patience and Wisdom (pics) - Funny dog pic we can learn from.

Bear Family (pics & text) - A mother bear has 5 cubs.

Dogs Attack Gator in Florida (pic & text) - Scary stuff ;) (funny).

Yoga Cat (video) - This cat squeezes his way into a bottle to get a treat, then gets out.

Alaska Tag Game (pics) - Playing tag with a polar bear is not advised.

Dog Going Down Slide (video) - This dog sliding down a slide into the pool over and over, looks fun.

Signs of a Bad Day (pics) - Funny cute animal pictures, signs of a bad day.

Bears Are Smart - This bear climbs a tree, then hangs on a wire to get some snacks.

Albino Deer Twins (pics & text) - Nice looking deer, white fur, nice.

The Latest Scam (pic) - A seagull steals money from this lady's purse.

Polar Bear (pics) - Polar bear plays with dogs, nice.

Deer and Cat (pic) - They greet in the window.

An Albino Black Bear Cub (pics) - I didn't know they made those...

Elk and Buffalo Fight (video) - Unusual.

Albino Moose (pics) - White moose, interesting.

Finnegan the Squirel (pics & text) - Something we can all learn from.

Cat and Bird (pics) - Sometimes innocence wins.

Dog Logic (pics & text) - Quotes and funny pictures of dogs.

Smiles (pics) - Funny animal pictures.

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